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What is the difference between the COMPETITION version and the EVOLUTION version?

The evolution version is more complete at the level of the statistics (Shooting shots, duels, center, 1c1 ...)

Is the software suitable for all age categories?

Currently the software is suitable for football at 5, 8 and 11 (also the football hall)

What are the prices?

6.99 € / month for the COMPETITION version and 9.99 € / month for the EVOLUTION version (There is also a price list for the Multi Teams version)

Is there a DEMO version?

Yes, you can use the software for free for 20 days.

At the end of the DEMO version, will my data still be usable?

Yes, your already encoded data will be usable in the paid version

Does the coach or club own their data?

Yes, the data is saved on our servers

I can not activate my subscription, what can I do?

Call us, we will activate your subscription remotely.

What is the price of a Multi-Teams console?

The price is decreasing, the more the number of accesses requested is high plus the discount is important (see fee schedule or estimate)

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